Like the spokes of a wheel, your words are stronger and more effective when you use your voice as structurally designed. 
Musically Spoken helps you use your voice to communicate more effectively and without strain. 



Studies show that 93% of what we communicate is not through words but through our vocal tone and body language.  Speaking with support, intent and connection improves the tone of your voice and how others hear what you have to say.  

Music is the international language because the sound communicates the intention and makes the message so easy to understand.  Principles that a singer utilizes such as breath support, posture and musicality can help more effectively convey thoughts and ideas and prevent vocal fatigue which contributes to lost productivity and poor performance. The tone of our voice can convey respect, trust and other traits that can dramatically improve our relationships with others and our ability to lead and inspire.

This unique professional development workshop uses singing to understand how to use the voice to communicate with more confidence and authority, articulate ideas more clearly, speak with greater volume and authority, and express an idea that will be remembered. All of these skills are taught through fun and dynamic exercises, games, improvisation, simple group singing, and practical application activities.

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